one girl. one business. one dream

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I've never felt so creative in my life....

What a busy day...3 days til my 3 day weekend with great friends, great skiing and good food! Can't wait! Today, I'm cleaning, running errands and doing a giant list of  other to do's. The first day of freedom is awesome, I'm energetic, excited and filled with energy even though I'm running on little sleep. I'm cramming 2 days into one today. Everything around me is inspiring me....clementines for breakfast....clementine scented guest 'em!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The first day is the hardest

Well, it's 2:30 am and I can't sleep. so much emotion floating in my head...excitement, nervousness, happiness and bittersweetness, especially nervousness for this blog, teehee. Tomorrow is my first day being self employed...running my soap company (Green Bubble Gorgeous), and I can not get in the mood to sleep. It seems I'm crossing things off my list....amazing what coffee does for you at 7 pm ;) I have sent a whole slew of tomorrow's emails already, looked over a whole list of shows I will be applying too this next week, placed orders, updated etsy, made 10 more to do list. haha.  Staying organized and on top of it! Making soap in the morning...the sweetest polka dot baby animal baby shower favors ever! You can see them in my etsy shop.

And, I of coarse managed to smash my fingers three times in one day, being the over multitasker that I am. What a busy day. The last day at work (the other love of my life, besides my hubby), Valentines Day, I had to Sandra Lee it a little bit, half dinner from Whole Foods and half dinner from Krystal's Kitchen (that sounds like a diner already). Either way, a big bag of chocolates wins!